Neuroscience and rehabilitation

Eating, swallowing, talking, breathing and moving the jaws without pain or discomfort is essential for our quality of life. We focus our research on how to maintain or obtain good orofacial function.

What We Do

We specialize in orofacial neuroscience and advanced orofacial rehabilitation. We aim to understand the complex trigeminal system and to limit the negative consequences of orofacial functional impairments for the individual and society. We study management of pain, abnormal growth and rehabilitation of lost or compromised orofacial function with digital technologies, advanced orthopedic, orthodontic and prosthetic techniques.

Who We Are

We bridge several different disciplines within dentistry and form natural research collaborations with other research disciplines within medicine, surgery, biomechanics, food science as well as with industrial partners in Denmark and internationally.

Meet Assistant Professor
Bahram Ranjkesh

How can we optimize digital technologies to improve the clinical treatment outcome and how do dental materials affect the outcome of dental treatment?

Meet Associate Professor
Eduardo Castrillon

How can we use our knowledge of oral physiology to help unveil the mechanisms involved in dental sleep disorders and better the lives of millions of people?

Strategic Research Coordinator

Meet all of us