Diagnostics and Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is relevant for clinical decision-making, treatment planning, and outcome assessment. We emphasize the technical aspects of the diverse methods, assuring images are free of artefacts, and reducing the radiation burden to the patient.

What We Do

We work with advanced imaging technologies, based on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, to provide accurate diagnosis related to orofacial structures. Examples are third molars that demand extraction, apical inflammation that needs treatment, implant planning prior to rehabilitation, and airway evaluation prior to orthodontic treatment.

Who We Are

Our research theme hosts more than 10 highly specialized researchers. We collaborate with clinicians, community and hospital clinics and companies.

Meet Professor Ann Wenzel

How does CT-scanning in the dental clinic benefit patients and society as a whole?

Strategic Research Coordinator

Associate Professor

Email: rsn@dent.au.dk
Phone: +45 42 43 48 36

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