New professor researches illnesses across cultures and national borders

Christian Morberg Wejse’s research will teach us more about global epidemics and the complex health challenges of migrants. On 1 October, he took up the position as professor of Cross-Cultural Medicine and Global Health at Aarhus University.

Christian Wejse’s professorship will help cement global health as an important research area for Aarhus University and will benefit the new clinic for complex and cross-cultural medicine at Aarhus University Hospital. Photo: AU Foto

Professor Christian Wejse, who is also a consultant at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Aarhus University Hospital, conducts research into global health, including pandemics like HIV, tuberculosis and most recently Covid-19, as well as the complex health challenges faced by migrants in Denmark.

Christian Wejse carries out research both in Denmark and abroad. His work focuses on health concerns that have significant global political and economic impact. The newly appointed professor’s research is therefore centred around public health in a global context and is focused on improving health for all, reducing health inequality, and protecting the public against global epidemic threats. Christian Wejse is involved in research projects on e.g., Covid-19, HIV, and tuberculosis in West Africa and on disease presentation among refugees and other ethnic minority groups in Denmark.

Christian Wejse is also the Academic Chair for the Global Health Knowledge Hub within the Circle-U university collaboration that Aarhus University participates in. He is affiliated with both the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University. He took up his professorship on 1 October 2022 and the inaugural lecture will take place on 28 October 2022.


Professor, PhD and Consultant Christian Morberg Wejse
Department of Public Health and Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University
Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital
Mobile: +45 51 94 45 19