Professor Michael Baumann is the honorary doctor of the faculty 2022

At the annual celebration in September, Professor in Medicine, Michael Baumann is appointed as honorary doctor at Health.

Professor Michael Baumann is director at the German cancer research centre DKFZ in Heidelberg which is the largest cancer research institute in Europe. He has gained international attention within experimental radiotherapy of tumors and has played a decisive role in the development of individualized radiotherapy that adapts cancer treatment to individual patients.

Michael Baumann has had a strong relationship to Health and Aarhus University since the 1980s, and he was a leading member of the international panel that in 2012 advised the Danish Health Authority to establish the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy (DCPT) in Aarhus. DCPT is crucial for Denmark being a leader in radiation oncology research today. Michael Baumann has been a member of the centre’s scientific advisory board since 2017.

The cancer research centre DKFZ, under the leadership of Michael Baumann, works closely with leading clinical institutions for cancer research, including the newly established Danish Comprehensive Cancer Centre (DCCC), in which Health and Aarhus University Hospital are also involved

In connection with the annual celebration, Aarhus University appoints five honorary doctors – one for each faculty – among researchers from other institutions with which the university has a particularly close and valued collaboration. The collaboration includes research, teaching and professional networks contributing to ensuring close links between Aarhus University and the latest international research.

Read more about Professor Michael Baumann on his website