Section for Paediatric Dentistry


The paediatric dentistry course is an interdisciplinary study and includes all aspects of oral health and dental hygiene for children and young people.

The section's definition of oral health includes a somatic, a social and a mental component. The section teaches all topics within the subject of paediatric dentistry.

The section makes special competences available for the Western Denmark Odontological Regional and Knowledge Centre, and treats patients referred from the Centre.

The section has special competences within dental treatment of children and young people under sedation or under general anesthesia and within treatment of various mineralisation disorders.


Section for Paediatric Dentistry has a substantial and active involvement in research in collaboration with researchers both within and outside the department, including international research .

Current research includes the incidence of dental disease in children and young people, etiological and therapeutic aspects of different forms of dental formation, irregularities, pain-free dental treatment and the influence of general health issues on dental status and oral health.

A significant part of the section's research deals with the causal relations and microbiology of periodontitis in children and young people.

PhD study or research year

If you are interested in a PhD project or a research year within the field of paediatric dentistry, you are very welcome to contact us.


The section's clinical section teaches odontology students dental treatment of children and young people, as well as the planning of dental hygiene for this age group. Great emphasis is placed on prevention and gentle dental treatment. Parts of the teaching take place in interaction with the teaching of students of dental hygiene.


Section for Paediatric Dentistry
Department of Dentistry and Oral Health
Aarhus University
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